Outdoor Living

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Outdoor Living! With today’s fast-paced world keeping us inside on one of our many “screens”, we like to spin the whole “screen lifestyle” into something else. So whether it’s a screened-in porch, backyard deck, outdoor kitchen, or pool room, we got you covered! We really should be taking advantage of the climate we live in, and live outside more. What’s that smell… BBQ?! Crawfish boil?!

I love the porch Daren built for me!  When my original plans were too costly, Daren came up with a simpler design that saved lots of money while creating a space that was exactly what I wanted. His uniquely creative ideas added interest to the structure.  I would ask for an architectural piece to be used and he found functional and appealing ways to incorporate them.  Everyone complements my screened haven and wants to know who built it.

Debbie Kuhner, Homeowner-Uptown